virtual sketchbook of Kristin Nohe

A reminder for tomorrow. A motto for me forever. #handlettering #brushlettering #lettering
Wanna watch me paint? I uploaded a few videos to my YouTube channel.
After all that inDesign today, had to loosen up a bit. 🌿🌸🌻
💕watercoloring takes the anxieties away
Kraft and white. So trendy. Haha! White paint pens rock. #sketchbook #yellowpaperhouse
Brushpen forever…
Dear Matisse, it’s me, Kristin. #watercolors #matisse
I love this quote. Fake it til you make it y’all!
Joan Rivers was a legend. Not afraid to speak her mind. Was funny as heck too. Hope she rests in peace and fabulousness!
Passive notes for aggressive people. #handlettering #lettering
Meeting doodles!
This is such a great song, I had to write this. #lettering #handlettering
Been busy this weekend getting some new #yellowpaperhouse planner printables up in the shop! Shop link in my profile!
Congrats to @monimakes and @wonderbarry on their marriage today! You guys rock and I’m excited I got to design your illustrated placements. 💕❤️💕