virtual sketchbook of Kristin Nohe

I drew my sister @nohex3 the other day. It doesn’t really look like her though 😁.
Juxtapositions. #studentloansforever
Managing drawing ideas on the bus… My mom makes the best notebooks, but I guess I’m biased!
Today only #Spoonflower is offering a free swatch of ecocanvas! It’s your chance to get a square of fabric with my print on it! The link to my shop is in my profile. Lots of patterns to choose from 😊
Draw paint draw. #watercolors #painting #drawing #doodle #doodles #sketch #sketchbook
Pulled out the watercolors… It’s been a while! I missed it. Too much computer work lately!
Meeting slash lunch doodles!
A good reminder that it’s never the ones you expect. Sometimes the greatest minds are also the darkest. Hope he’s at please now.
Lunch doodles! πŸ‹βœοΈπŸ‚πŸŒ™β›…οΈπŸ¦
Ok time to stop messing around and go to bed. See you in 5 days weekend!
Oh and I have a new collection of fabrics up on #spoonflower! It’s called Air Mail and there are a few different colors of each print. Check them out at
Repeatin’ repeatin’
You all gotta listen to the cover of this song by Lissie. Pursuit of happiness. Check it. #handlettering #lettering #brushlettering
Lunch doodles.
Why wait for someone else to do it? #lunchdoodles