virtual sketchbook of Kristin Nohe

Also wanted to letter the 6-word memoir on the cap of my Honest Tea the other day. Best new quote in a while. #lettering #handlettering #brushlettering #honesttea
You know that moment when you accidentally hold down the home button too long?
Some new cases, prints, clocks, etc up in my society6 shop.
Doodle that pizza! #
#lunchdoodles later to become patterns. #doodle #drawing #doodleaday #sketch #sketchbook
So I made a new pattern today. I uploaded it to my society6, along with a bunch of other patterns I had sitting around. Your source for a strange assortment of items(phone cases, tote bags, shower curtains, clocks,etc) that have my patterns on them.
Lettering in my tiny notebook again! #handlettering #lettering #brushlettering
Watching a documentary on Massimo Vignelli. I laughed because he was talking about obsolete tools that young designer don’t use anymore and he mentioned China markers… My FAVORITED tool. Oh Massimo.
An itsy bitsy teeny weeny travelers notebook insert. My mom has been making some of those as custom orders for @yellowpaperhouse. They are 2x3 inches. Makes me want to draw in teeny tiny books.
Almost Friday! #handlettering #lettering #chinamarker
A funny day of the week. #handlettering #lettering #chinamarker
The rest of my September daily drawings in my 3.5x5.5 inch #fieldnotes book. Tomorrow starts October! Continuing with #book1florals until oct 15.
Colored. You know you want it @zzapple!
Tennis, baby! @zzapple
Yes Mom. You can stop nagging me now. Busiest week ever. Someone save me.